My Thoughts 

Digital Art Photography

There is nothing more stunning than seeing as a photographer one of your images beautifully printed and mounted on fine art papers, but for most of us who do we trust to produce standards that we find acceptable.

For me a chance meeting at a local camera club would bring an introduction to Peter De Marco, owner and very accomplished photographer at Digital Art Photography. With over 30 years photography experience that shines through in every crafted item.

Digital Art Photography, predominantly specialises in new born photography shoots, but when you can offer studio hire, printing, framing and plenty of advice on hand it’s easy to see why all Paul Millar Photography work now goes there for printing and framing.

Almost two years on since my first image rolled of the printer at Digital Art, my views still remain very much the same, quality products. But also, I would like to use this opportunity to say thanks to Peter for the wealth of knowledge he has passed on with mounting, papers types and frames that I now feel confidant in advising my own clients when selecting one of my images.

Formatt Hitech Filters

Working in a production Engineering environment. I tend to be very critical of most items, and always inspecting the highest of quality. So as part of my prize in 2016 Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year, Urban Category was a set of Formatt Hitech Firecrest soft grad filters.

As I stood at first light by Taynuilt, sliding the Firecrest 0.9 Soft Grad Filter into the filter holder and running off a few shots. I remember thinking that’s different, with a very natural looking image, and for the next four years strengthening my kit with other Formatt Hitech products, but with still that feeling of a quality product.

With longevity of life never an issue as after four years they still look like new, that’s value for money and being manufactured right here in the UK, sits well with my day job, also being manufacturing, so supporting British industry. With all this in mind when I was welcomed on board as part of the Formatt Hitech Ambassador family just over a year ago now, just felt like a good fit for me and feel very privileged to prompt the brand further.

If you would like to treat yourself to one of the beautiful products at Formatt Hitech, why not take advantage of the 10% discount code PMILLAR10 at checkout and hit the website button below.

Paul Millar Photography can also provide advice on both the Formatt Hitech Firecrest 85mm and 100mm systems.



Nightscape Filter

The Formatt Hitech Firecrest Nightscape Filter explicitly designed to remove the light spectrums associated with light pollution and sodium lamps.

During Astro shots, the light pollution from the modern world can be hard to deal with and lower the contrast as well as giving muddy orange and brown tones. Nightscape is a Neodymium filter designed to give your images the true colours of the night sky. It also benefits from the latest in Double-sided coatings with both anti-reflection and waterproofing.

Nightscape is not just for Astro, the filter is also excellent at balancing lights in cityscapes and removing the ugly orange casts from street lamps giving you improved colours and contrast in your final images.


Shooting Nightscapes can feel such a short window of time, especially when you are enjoying the evening out in the bright lights of the city. In the single image of the Armadillo on the banks of the historic river Clyde in Glasgow. I found from testing that as the darkness fell over the blue hour, inserting the Nightscape Filter gave me almost an other hour of shooting time and lifted the darkness of the sky to a more gentle dark blue tone, I also feel that this would be more noticeable on a night of clear skies.

On further testing with the filter, I noticed a distinct more profound colour pop on the Armadillo itself, I have backed this up on the image of four RAW file test shots, marking them with or without filters. Moving further along the river I again tried several test shots this time over buildings with Hard Sodium lighting at street level, as shown again in the image of four RAW files marked with and without you can see the total reduction in Sodium light, I also feel that in my opinion that the other building lighting is more defined using the filter.

My findings led me to believe that in my opinion the Nightscape filter was an advantage to have as part of my kit and using in the correct situation could enhance my work.

My thoughts and path into Astro Photography have just started, and another avenue I enjoyed exploring. My shot may not be a master piece as far as Astro work goes but sitting back after Christmas dinner looking out at the starlit skies over Loch Alsh, while pouring Mrs M a Isle of Harris Gin, my thoughts drifted from the colour of the glass to that of my nightscape filter, and off I went for an hour or so on foot along the dark lanes of the Loch. I used the filter in shot shown, and as I said early days for me doing Astro but from what testing I have done, the filter works to balance the true colours of the night sky.

My final thought are of another beautifully crafted product, made right here in the UK, at what I feel a very competitive price, and if bought in conjunction with discount code PMILLAR10 at checkout you will receive 10% off, if interested hit filter button to go to sales page at Formatt Hitech Filters. Firecrest Nightscape Filter comes in sizes 85mm and 100mm. The Nightscape Filter is also available in size 85mm to work alongside the beautifully crafted Firecrest 85mm Holder.